The brief
    Detect, analyze and redesign a storage problem.

    Chosen focus
    Football training material.
    Football training almost always include the use of a lot of equipment and tools, like cones and sticks. There is always a struggle to transport the materials to and from the training area from the storage place, both coaches and players must carry the material. The material also take a lot of space to store, and therefore I have looked into the ways to simplify the storage of equipment and the transport of equipment to and from the training field.

    Product Solution
    I thought about how to find a way how to make tidying up a playful activity. I analyzed the list of equipment to see how I could reduce their volume and started simplifying the list of equipment actually needed. I saw that for example that the ladder normally put on the ground, could be replaced by normal sticks placed with the same distance, and that the obstacle jumps could be build out of sticks carried by two cones. Finally, I collected all the material in a big wheel to make it easier to move, and inside the cones and sticks are clamped to the walls while the balls tumble around freely in the middle, with the side holes shut by nets.