Terminal 1

    Robots nowadays can walk, see and some do even feel emotions.

    At the same time, humans are urging to become more of a robot, wanting to able to fully control and even program their bodies. In this new concept of the Human known as Transhumanism, or Human+, the aim is to enhance our psychological capacities and removing our human limitations through manipulating our bodies in different ways.

    Although most humans still find that idea disturbing, we do share more “robotic” habits than ever before. We need batteries to be able to communicate, to be entertained and quite frankly: to live.

    While we have trained ourselves to sniff out any nearby electrical outlet, we are missing out on a human source of energy that is literally right under our noses: the Breath.

    Can we use a wasted human source to feed our high-tech needs? Why not use that vital flow of air that is constantly going to waste, to also cover our electrical needs?

    Terminal 1 is “Food for thought”, a Speculative Design project based on Transhumanism research and then developed into a commercial product.