Increase the value of a cheap, everyday product by rebranding it.

    SPANK ME is a product that combines the concept of eating, licking, food… with BDSM. In itself the original object was a spatula, a cooking tool that can be used for turning burgers on a grill or smothering chocolate on a cake. In order to increase its value, we thought that giving it an extra attribute could bring it into another market where it could be sold for more. This thought developed into a kinky advertising campaign where we decided to promote the spatula for spanking purposes.

    We have tried to bring this concept to the extreme and used the fact that people are likely to have had spanking fantasies of some kind. From the communication point of view, we chose the meat, the flesh because it effortlessly combines eating with flesh (which is essentially what is being spanked during this act). Our tagline sums that up with the sentence: “Honey, this isn’t for the barbecue. SPANK-ME.” And in addition SPANK-ME is the name of the new product.

    Target: Kinky Divorcés
    Distribution channels: Erotic shop
    Original price: 1,20€
    Actual price: 12 €

    Design Team: Mariona den Tuinder and Cristian Paredes.