Was a challenge to create a lamp which was totally recyclable and that would fit in an ephemeral environment. The main idea was to make the lamp express ephemerality, which to me can be defined as a process in motion during a short, specific amount of time. I thought that a clear way to represent Time, was to express the process of deterioration. I also wanted to involve Nature in this project because it is a place where ephemeral processes is happening everywhere, all the time.

    Also connecting this lamp concept to its history, I chose to work with wax as it was one of the earliest materials used in lighting, but also because different types of waxes are also naturally created in nature. Bees, for example, create wax and use it to build their hexagonal cells within their beehive.

    Design Team: Oriol Gener, Eloi Masdeu, Victor Pla and Cristian Paredes.