A family of spice dispensers in glass, complementing the Mediterranean cuisine.
    The aim of this project was to develop a series of glass containers that were supposed to contain three different typical Mediterranean aliments. After some research we identified three typically Mediterranean food toppings: grated parmesan cheese, oregano and spicy olive oil.

    The meals are a ritual and the tool should express the artisan feeling of the Mediterranean.
    This family of containers have been designed for these three products, analyzing the hand gestures and movements that are used when traditionally serving the them.

    The final shapes of the product family therefore received an ergonomic shape that is both intuitive and simple. Being made out of glass, the containers do not only preserve the qualities of the food but do also have a Mediterranean connection. We have used non-colored glass and played with the contrast of a shiny versus frosted finish – bringing your thoughts to round pieces of glass and wood washed up on mediterranean beaches after years and years of tumbling around in the shoreline waters.

    Design Team: Ona Bombí, Júlia Ducat, Cristian Paredes, David Palomar.