IKEA toolbox – What’s your mode?

    When we were given the brief to make a re-design concept of IKEA’s existing toolkit, we had to figure out what IKEA’s products were really all about. What was IKEA, the largest furniture company in the world, besides their famous self-assembly furniture, weird names and Swedish profile? We found that IKEA values functionality and wants to offer affordable and well designed home solutions to the people. They have a strong focus on the family and generally have quite gender-neutral designs. Their products are meant to be easy to use and put together, while they are not afraid to produce new-thinking and fun ideas. And not to forget: compact packaging is key.

    Analyzing their existing toolkit FIXA, we noted that the tools were placed tightly to one another and snapped into slick cavities to minimize volume. The tools were however quite difficult to take out from the packaging, and the transparent plastic lid easily cracked.

    Our aim became to create a more user-friendly housing for the tools, while keeping it compact and easy to stow.

    BÅLSTA is a multifaceted toolbox concept that questions the common norms of tool storage and handling. The core of BÅLSTA is a magnetic tool belt, making the tools easy to grab, put back and change positions. When not clipped onto your waistband, the belt is easily attached to the semi-rigid sheet that folds into two different positions: one for storage and transportation and one for exposing the tools as a stand. If not folded, the sheet with the attached toolbelt can be hung as a practical tool wall.
    BÅLSTA is versatile while staying simple, and in combination with its slick, including design it would be a natural addition to IKEA’s product line, and to any household. Being handy has never been easier

    Design Team: Ana Escudero, Gloria Gomila, Cristian Paredes, Liisa Widstrand.