Accompanied Solitude

    The brief
    Redesign an interior space at Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona

    Accopmanied Solitude
    is an adaption to the 21st century lifestyle: liking to be alone without feeling alone.

    Mission: To reinforce the individuality within a group environment.

    The Beach Towel is the metaphor of our concept: A towel on the beach marks your private space, it is individual and personal while you are still connected to the surrounding.

    How does the service work
    Through an App the customer books an available space by date and time, and is then allowed to customize the space by choosing and placing out furniture in the space selected. When arriving at your booked time, you pay the rent and the staff will lead you to your private space furnitured in your style.

    How does the space work
    Each rentable space is an elevator in itself. When the space is to be prepared for a client, it descends to floor -1 where the staff is waiting to place out the customer’s chosen furniture. When done, the space rises to ground floor level again.

    Design Team: Ana Escudero and Cristian Paredes.