In the design team I want to contribute to solutions that awaken emotions, and to create designs that are based on people’s actual desires. I like working with people who think that the world needs smarter solutions and that are not afraid to be thrown into all kinds of challenges. I want to work hard. I want to create.

My name is Cristian, I am 23 years old and I am born and raised in Barcelona (Spain) but I am now living and working in Stockholm (Sweden). I started studying design in 2011, at Elisava School of Design located in the heart of Barcelona. My main design focus back then was Graphic Design, but when my curiosity made me leave for an exchange semester in Stockholm, my view on design broadened. I enrolled at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design where I studied at the Industrial Design department. It came to be the best decision of my life: Konstfack with it Swedish school system showed me a completely different view on design and design education, Konstack taught me a lot about the importance of creating design impact and finding my own identity. Coming back to Elisava I finally started to solve design problems with more confidence and with a clearer view of my design goal: I want to break norms, build a clear concept and present it in a simple way, but most importantly, I understood the strength of working as a team.

Long before I got introduced to the design world, I started working as a football coach for both kids’ to senior teams. What has really kept me passionate as a trainer is not only teaching football, but to build a team. I strive to create a positive group atmosphere and to make every player work with maximum motivation, towards a common goal: no matter if is winning a league or designing new concepts.